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Many executives visiting the Brainzooming website for the first time review dozens of pages of articles and downloads. That was the case recently, as we reviewed the article selections of one such executive. This new reader was seeking information on managing strategy and innovation inside an organization described as fearing change.

How Much Do You Love Free, Fun Strategic Planning Advice?

Since we know many of you face a comparable challenge, here are the more than 30 articles this reader reviewed in search of insights and answers on strategy and innovation. We’re guessing there are more than a few articles of value to you, too!

5 Fun Strategic Planning Activities

Fun Strategic Planning Exercises - 6 Last-Minute Creative Ideas

Free Strategic Planning Exercises – 5 Warnings

Strategic Thinking Exercises – Strategic Planning for a Troubled Company

Strategic Thinking Exercise - Black Swan Events in Your Plan

Strategic Thinking Exercises – More than 200 Strategic Planning Questions

Great Strategic Questions – A 3-Step Strategic Question Formula

Brainzooming – First Questions

80 Fun Strategic Planning Activities and Ideas!

11 Boring Details for Making Strategic Planning Fun*

Strategic Thinking Perspectives - Three Strategic Voices to Include on Your Team

Creating Strategic Impact – The Brainzooming Group Strategic Planning Toolkit

Why Change Is Hard - 3 Strategic Thinking Ideas for Making Change Easy

Strategic Alignment - 4 Lessons for Line and Staff Organizations Working Well

A Week of Struggling for Simplicity – A Simple Strategy Check

The Brainzooming Strategic Thinking Manifesto

Innovation Blocks-Taking the NO Out of Business InNOvation

Facilitating Innovative Strategy with a Diverse Group

Strategic Thinking Success - 3 Critical Thinking Perspectives

Strategic Thinking Exercises - 6 Characteristics the Best Ones Have

8 Fun Strategic Planning Icebreaker Activities

15 Innovative Strategic Planning Questions to Get Ready for Next Year

3 Short, Funny Strategic Planning Questions

If Not Time, Then What Else Matters?

Strategic Thinking Questions to Identify What Matters for a Brand

What Are We Trying to Say?

Ask and You Shall Receive with Great Strategic Questions

Strategy - Visioning Exercises for Strategic Planning

Reinvent Yourself Week – Look and Ask Around

Nobody Cares About You!!!

Creative Thinking Exercises - Would you like S, M, L, or XL Creative Ideas?

Where will you head next on strategy, branding, and innovation? – Mike Brown


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