The Brainzooming Core Purpose

Brainzooming launched in 2009 to help organizations across industries imagine and implement strategyinnovation, and branding initiatives

Integral to this is our team’s passion to help individuals use their God-given talents to innovate strategically. When it comes to developing strategy, that means making the process simple, engaging, and fun. Why? Because when you allow people to positively shape an organization's strategy and results, they're empowered. They want to collaborate and be a part of positive changes.

These reasons for Brainzooming to exist are captured in our core purpose:

To generously help everyone create amazing possibilities.


Our Guiding Practices for Diversity

From before Brainzooming even emerged as an independent company, diverse participants and their unique perspectives were integral to making our method successful.

Our Diversity Practices represent our commitment to push for diverse individuals and groups to have a presence and voice in the work we do:

The Brainzooming Guiding Practices for Diversity

We will:

  • Challenge clients to invite diverse participants into any collaboration activities that we develop and facilitate.
  • Proactively offer our talents and capabilities to individuals and organizations working to overcome racism.
  • Articulate and reinforce the contrary viewpoint during conversations that cultivate racist ideas, tendencies, beliefs, and practices.
  • Actively support all of our employees and partners in curating and sharing resources on our social media channels that challenge racist thinking and practices.
  • Walk away from business opportunities and client engagements that are denying or overlooking the vital importance of diversity to the best thinking.
  • Invest time and resources for organizational education into perspectives of those impacted by systemic racism.
  • Ensure that all employees and strategic partners feel empowered and supported in calling into question any situations that they see falling outside these practices.

We regularly revisit this list to ensure we are living it out in everything Brainzooming does.