Collaborative Strategy Testimonials 

It’s challenging to describe the collaborative Brainzooming strategy development process to executives who have never experienced it.

Many leaders think gathering more than a few people to collaborate will undermine and eliminate any possibilities for a productive experience developing strategy. Given how most business teams and meetings function, inviting more people to share ideas sounds like a recipe for disaster. We get that.

But, that's not the case with Brainzooming.

The following attendee reactions large Brainzooming collaboration events describe the positive impacts that collaborative strategy creates for:

Diverse People Collaborating Effectively

  • “The vast knowledge being brought together was beyond expectations.”
  • “I was thinking I may not be as included since I’m not from or otherwise generally associated with (the community).”
  • “Working with people from diverse backgrounds.”
  • Collaboration was so easy with the group that I was with.”

An Engaging Process

  • “One of best group brainstorming sessions in a long time.”
  • “Loved the Boom / Bust exercise.”
  • Good subject materials and posters.”
  • “The shorter time frame worked well.”
  • “Exercises presented to gain focus on a certain area.”
  • “The process and the questions; have participated in many of these exercises and this was different in a positive way.”
  • “Required a lot of critical thinking.”

Fresh Ideas, Insights, and Learning

  • “The different ideas we shared.”
  • “I thought about something I’d never thought of before that could benefit from (this new technology).”
  • “New and thought provoking ideas.”
  • Learned a lot”
  • “So many of the ideas shared can benefit any organization in our community.
  • “I realized things that would work for my organization as well as the community as a whole. I will try to implement these ideas within my organization."

Unexpectedly Enjoyable

  • “This was a lot of fun!”
  • Very enjoyable and fun. Not just a lecture.”
  • “Didn’t know what to expect. Great collaboration.”
  • “I didn’t expect toys.”

When was the last time one of your organization’s strategic planning meetings or processes generated these types of comments?