In the Brainzooming world, strategy, innovation and creativity are inseparable.

Innovative strategy emerges from varied creative perspectives that generate fresh thinking, unique insights and breakthroughs in imagining new possibilities. Then, creative leadership communicates the vision and excites passion for change inside and outside an organization.

That’s why creative thinking and leadership underpin everything that Brainzooming does.

For leaders who love and appreciate creative thinking, we put it right out in front and can all move forward faster. Other business leaders are stodgy and frown on creativity as the frills of business. In those situations, we sneak creativity into the thinking hidden within productive questions and strategy exercises. While the work is serious, we make sure that it is opening doors, inviting creative thinking, and protecting disruptive ideas.

Growing Creative Potential and Impact

Given the importance of creative thinking and leadership, it’s no wonder we have so many Brainzooming resources to boost your creative potential and impact!


Idea Magnets – 7 Strategies for Cultivating & Attracting Creative Business Leaders

This book from Brainzooming founder, Mike Brown, is about becoming a more dynamic leader who inspires bold creativity and innovative success. You can find Idea Magnets on Amazon and learn more on our website.


Digital Resources for Creative Thinking and Leadership

We have multiple free Idea Magnets-focused publications featuring questions to attract bold creativity, ways to creatively cultivate your powerful brand stories, and ideas to recharge your creative energy.


Brainzooming Articles on Creativity

Not surprisingly, creativity is one of the most frequent topics within the Brainzooming blog. You can dive into a thousand articles on applying creativity in your professional and personal lives.


Idea Magnets and Creativity-focused Keynotes and Training Programs

Explore our variety of dynamic Idea Magnets and creative leadership-focused keynote presentations and workshops to bring out the creative talents and behaviors in your team, company, or organization.