A Ready-to-Launch Blast! collaboration rockets your meetings to new insights and amazing productivity in only thirty minutes.

Each ready-to-launch Blast! collaboration features a proven Brainzooming exercise that accelerates progress on your priorities. Your group can share a day's worth of input and ideas in just thirty minutes, an 80% productivity boost!

Choose from a variety of Blast! collaborations that address frequent organizational opportunities and challenges. Tell us the topic, and Brainzooming will facilitate your group through a Blast! that:

  • Engages up to fifteen participants with pre-planned questions that fit your objective

  • Features easy-to-use, text-based sharing that enable simultaneous participation and full visibility to every idea
  • Allows anonymous input, removing barriers and promoting authentic input
  • Routinely delivers 100-200 ideas and perspectives in thirty minutes 
  • Provides everyone 24 hours after the Blast! to explore the input and offer additional comments

  • Summarizes every response into an actionable recap

Whether your team is online, in-person, or participating in a hybrid meeting, Blast! provides the ideal quick and simple environment for creating amazing results! 

Choose from these Ready-to-Launch Blast! Collaborations

Each Blast! addresses a frequent business situation within a single, multi-question exercise. Select the drop-down below that matches your opportunity and find a description of the corresponding Blast!

Developing Strategy and Insights

Engaging Internal and External Audiences

Questions addressing audiences’ bold aspirations and experience when the organization performs at its best.

A deeper and new, varied perspective on this classic strategic planning exercise to uncover fresh insights.

Describing desired audience-specific outcomes and critical factors for achieving results.

A battery of questions that imagine challenging and disrupting a brand’s core to identify breakthrough opportunities and vulnerabilities.

Accelerating Innovation

Six-to-eight creative thinking questions to approach your opportunity or challenge from varied perspectives.

Exploring disruptive ideas through extreme creativity questions focused on market needs and brand strengths.

Invites and explores diverse reactions to a new or existing initiative, program, or concept.

Seven questions to explore experience design variables that lead to customer success.

A question set that surfaces vital business functions and processes susceptible to breakdown.

Focusing Implementation

A unique three-question exercise to translate current successes plus new and overlooked opportunities into a draft plan.

Changing How You Think about Group Interactions and Meetings

A ready-to-launch Blast! collaboration:

  • Makes it simple to match a Blast! to your business objective with Brainzooming handling the details of creating an invitation and custom link for participants
  • Features exercises and questions that are proven productive within the Brainzooming process 
  • Fits within 30 minutes of a regular group meeting to add a completely new dimension to idea and information sharing
  • Puts sharing diverse, authentic input before discussions that might inhibit fresh thinking
  • Offers ample time afterward for participants to review the group's input and build on ideas

Ready-to-Launch Blast! Collaborations Deliver Amazing Benefits 

For executives, leaders, meeting planners, and anyone else seeking greater engagement and energy in group meetings, Blast! delivers ease, flexibility, and effectiveness. Ready-to-launch Blast! collaborations:

  • Brainzooming prepares the Blast! collaboration space, provides invitation emails, and facilitate the entire collaboration
  • The platform captures the input, eliminating note taking
  • The basic report options is directly available right from the platform
  • Ready-to-launch Blast! collaborations address multiple business situations
  • Blast! works within online, hybrid, or in-person meetings
  • You can choose anonymous input (to invite open sharing) or identify participating teams or individuals


A leader can focus on:
  • Fully participating since Brainzooming handles all facilitation duties
  • Experiencing real-time visibility to all participant input
  • Communicating the significant savings you've brought to your organization through the dramatic time savings Blast! delivers
  • Moving through initiatives more quickly with richer, more diverse input

Learn about putting Blast! into action for your organization.