Blast! delivers an all-day meeting's worth of work in just 30 minutes 

Blast! creates a completely different and amazingly productive collaborative meeting experience. Using it, teams routinely accomplish a full-day of information sharing and ideas in as little as 30 minutes.

If you're keeping track, that's an 80% productivity boost

What’s the secret of the Blast! experience’s amazing results?

Blast! is an online platform that produces amazing results by changing the age-old dynamics plaguing business meetings. Our unique Blast! approach:

  • Removes titles, political dynamics, and power positions from meetings
  • Uses proven Brainzooming questions that invite bold idea sharing
  • Promotes simultaneous sharing and complete visibility to everyone’s thinking
  • Works equally well for in-person, virtual, and hybrid collaborative meetings
  • Simplifies actively engaging before, during, and after your team participates

People Love Blast!

Participants are clear in celebrating Blast!:

  • The easy-to-use, text-based interface makes it “interactive and creative”
  • The anonymous responses let executives finally uncover “people’s true thoughts”
  • Previously boring meetings are suddenly “SUPER FUN”

Clients are finding all kinds of ways to incorporate Blast! to enliven tired business interactions and expand inclusiveness, dramatically boost productivity, and produce actionable results.  

One Brainzooming client incorporated Blast! into its global commercial growth strategic planning. They confirmed a $200,000-plus savings from freed up executive time through using Blast!

Two Options to Blast! Your Results

You have two fantastic options for bringing Blast! to your organization: a Ready-to-Launch or Custom Blast!

A Ready-to-Launch Blast!

These 30-minute Blast! collaborations are ideal when time is tight, and you have a focused need for engagement. They:

This video recaps the Ready-to-Launch Blast! experience.

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