We customize the Brainzooming Method for organizations across industries. These unique client engagements most often address their aspirations in:

From the minute we start working with you, we’re focused on the end results you want. Because our process is tailored to your needs, we can meet you exactly where you are. We developed our methodology inside an industrial Fortune 500 company—so we know firsthand the opportunities and challenges of making innovation a reality inside a large organization. That’s why we’re an excellent strategic ally. We validate what’s strategic and smart, and we challenge what our insights suggest isn’t right for you.

What's the Brainzooming process for customized initiatives?

The following is an overview of the working process for a customized Brainzooming engagement:

Exploring Your Opportunity Upfront

Before collaborating, we spend time with your key leaders. We’ll discuss the business needs and deliverables most important to you:

  • Your targeted organizational changes
  • Your organization’s starting points in strategy, insights, and implementation
  • Opportunities to leverage audience diversity and optimize the participant experience and input
  • Delivering the right strategy, activities, and tools to successfully communicate and implement your direction

Your input on these topics help us determine the best ways to adapt our three-step process for your objectives.


Collaborating on Your Scope of Work

We then collaboratively develop a scope of work with you to customize the Brainzooming process for your organization.

The scope highlights:

  • A current situation overview that confirms that we’ve heard you fully and accurately
  • The major phases and steps to introduce diverse thinking that drives innovative strategy and successful implementation
  • The timeline setting the key events and pace of the process
  • A project-based fee, providing assurance and a predictable all-in cost

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Initiative Kick-off

After engaging Brainzooming, the kick-off meeting will:

  • Identify diverse participants throughout the process
  • Customize questions for online surveys and collaborations
  • Set specific dates for long-lead time activities and events
  • Spell out engagement practices with your team
  • Address vital factors for implementing successfully

Accelerating the Process

As the initiative progresses, Brainzooming will implement the agreed-to approach. We incorporate various techniques to most effectively and efficiently engage audiences:

  • Various-Collaboration-FormatsSurveys that solicit broad perspectives
  • Blast! online collaborations to create strong participant interaction
  • Individual and small group discussions for in-depth input
  • In-person interactive collaborations to advance strategy and concepts
  • Group prioritization exercises for narrowing possibilities
  • Training workshops to pave the way for implementation

Throughout, we’ll facilitate regular project management meetings. These ensure mutual accountability and timely progress.

Room for Flexibility and Adapting

As we advance the timeline, Brainzooming will monitor output and progress, adapting our techniques as necessary to deliver on the expected outcomes. We can also modify the process pace to accommodate client business realities.

Your Experience

The Brainzooming process maximizes your team’s strategic contributions and reduces wasted time.

TLDR: Brainzooming doesn’t like spending any more time than you do on strategic planning, so we’re always working to streamline it so you can implement it ASAP! 

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