Integrating Blast! in Your Custom Brainzooming Engagement

Brainzooming integrates Blast! collaborations into custom strategy, innovation, and branding engagements to boost productivity and impact. We’ve even designed innovation-focused learning workshops around Blast!, refilling depleted new product pipelines in record time.

Developing Your Strategy via Online Collaboration

Your objectives guide how we use the Blast! experience throughout a Brainzooming engagement. The customizable Blast! options include:

  • Combining multiple, varied activities to engage audiences at any point within the Brainzooming process
  • Adapting questions, exercises, and interactions to reflect current insights and outcomes from previous Blasts!
  • Engaging participants to react, group, vote, or rank possibilities
  • Extended follow-up time windows so participants can review and expand group input plus contribute to new exercises
  • Regular project management meetings to optimize designing your team’s Blast! experiences
  • Flexible reporting options, including immediate updates, standalone analysis, decision support tools, and comprehensive strategy plan deliverables

Blast! Brings New Energy and Productivity to Familiar Business Settings

With extensive customization options, Blast! replaces and enhances familiar business settings with experiences that generate greater interactivity and dramatic productivity gains:

Developing Strategy and Insights

  • Accelerating the pace of executive strategy planning retreats
  • Addressing challenging issues, such as disruption, reducing costs, and change management
  • Expanding SWOT insights (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats)
  • Extending developing strategy to engage front-line, remote, and overlooked participants
  • Surfacing organizational aspirations that shape developing vision, mission, and values statements
  • Asking questions to discover what you don’t know
  • Streamlining opportunity ranking and prioritization selection

Accelerating Innovation

  • Generating fresh thinking and new ideas within a regular team meeting
  • Collaborating broadly to identify new product concepts
  • Enriching customer and employee focus groups with greater diversity
  • Safely exploring disruptive thinking to stretch strategic possibilities
  • Exploring customer experience design plus supporting processes and behaviors
  • Elevating training workshops to create brainstorming or implementation deliverables
  • Turning customer advisory councils into productive venues for market-inspired change
  • Fostering entrepreneurial innovation inside a traditional organization

Engaging Internal and External Audiences

  • Introducing interactivity to large-scale town hall gatherings
  • Providing inclusive input opportunities within all hybrid meetings
  • Offering a trusted, safe space for sharing workplace challenges and aspirations
  • Opening the door to authentic perspective sharing within DEI initiatives
  • Removing privilege associated with titles and organizational structure in large meetings
  • Inviting genuine, unfiltered perspectives when individuals are hesitant to openly speak truths
  • Confidentially documenting talent and impact needs for executive succession planning

Focusing Implementation

  • Collaboratively moving from ideas to action steps
  • Launching new initiatives with engaged implementation teams
  • Identifying educational and professional development needs for curriculum and training development
  • Dynamic project management meeting updates and troubleshooting
  • Creating and enriching marketing, sales, and branding tactic and tool sets
  • Super-charging sales meetings with productive input and decision making
  • Quickly building uniform background information to create case studies

This list represents a sampling of ways that Blast! reinvigorates familiar business interactions. Brainzooming applies Blast! in new and different ways all the time. If you are experiencing a different need for interactive collaboration, let’s talk about launching your initiative ASAP.

Blast! Delivers Even More Benefits in Strategic Initiatives 

Blast! delivers multiple and varied benefits. Here are additional unique benefits when you integrate Blast! into a Brainzooming strategy, innovation, or branding engagement:

Expanded Collaboration

  • Responding to emerging insights and dynamic business conditions through new Blast! exercises we design.
  • Deeper insights through additional brainstorming, voting, grouping, and ranking options for participants. 
  • Involving additional audience members with extended post-Blast! input and review windows.
  • Shortening the time to develop and deliver custom analysis and reporting via total online data capture and analysis options.

Greater Inclusiveness

  • Multiple Blast! experiences grow opportunities to add more and diverse participants with minimal cost impacts.
  • Involving bigger groups simultaneously with an expanded 50 participant possibilities in each Blast! collaboration.
  • Flexible timing and audience focus opportunities with Blast! collaborations ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Powerful Time and Cost Savings

  • Using online collaboration throughout the process dramatically reduces the total time commitment per participant.
  • Reducing participant time, especially for executives, creates significant opportunity cost savings as participants avoid hours of unproductive meetings.
  • Blast! eliminates participant travel and lodging expenses.
  • Avoids potential delays and cancellation risks for executives by removing the need for air travel to participate.

Learn about putting Blast! in action for your organization.