If you've found your way here, chances are you're looking for the same things as leaders who've already invited Brainzooming to help transform, innovate, and grow their organizations.

Brainzooming clients are invariably:

  • Facing rapidly changing internal and external business environments
  • Searching for ways to engage key audiences for transformative insights, ideas, and strategic input
  • Wanting their teams to both contribute and learn new techniques for thinking strategically and innovatively
  • Frustrated with ineffective, intractable consultants and want somebody to make planning impactful and fun

First-time clients are often surprised: Brainzooming is built around collaboratively delivering on every one of these expectations. By the second or third time they've worked us and have implemented the tools we openly share, it's common for them to start using Brainzooming as a verb for collaborating and innovation. Seriously. 

Client Case Studies

Brainzooming provides multiple services for clients. We collaborate with clients to accomplish their most important strategic initiatives and share hands-on ways to use our techniques, through workshops and keynote talks.

We bring deep experience to multiple important business strategies for clients. Case studies in the following areas offer examples of how clients us, and we customize the Brainzooming Method in:

Our case studies reflect how clients are turning to the Blast! online collaboration platform to further expand participation and accelerate results. 

Building from these organizational case studies, individuals participating in Brainzooming engagements consistently share positive reactions to the collaboration, productivity, insights, and engagement impacts we create, whether in-person or online. 

Collaborating with Our Amazing Clients

Brainzooming appreciates our opportunities to serve clients across industries. Within our client roster, you'll see both familiar and lesser-known brands. A brand's prominence isn't what motivates us. We're most energized when we are collaborating deeply and importantly with:

  • Executives who arrived at our website seeking new ideas and possibilities
  • Current clients wanting us to serve them in new ways and new areas
  • Organizations who our clients and friends refer to Brainzooming for that something different they've been seeking
  • Every other leader whose aspirations involve their organizations creating amazing possibilities
We always look forward to creating great business relationships with clients; many translate into friendships that have lasted of years. We truly want everyone who collaborates with us or employs our tools here to feel like a part of, what we call, the Brainzooming family.


Let's talk

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