Client Case Studies

When we say that we adapt the Brainzooming Method to fit all kinds of business situations, we aren’t kidding. Whether you are focused on developing strategy, accelerating innovation, branding, professional development, creative leadership, or even something else, here are examples of how Brainzooming delivers results for clients across industries.

If your team or other key audiences are remote, we routinely translate the Brainzooming Method for these client situations with our Blast! online collaboration platform.

Strategic Planning Case Studies

Collaborative strategy extends participation beyond the board room by meaningfully involving people throughout the organization to provide insights and input for shaping strategy. The result? Ready-to-implement strategy that is more robust and comes together faster than you'd ever imagined.

Johns Hopkins

Organizational Transformation

In collaboration with the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab shared services groups, we created a comprehensive, interactive, fast, and fun way to develop a 25-year vision and innovation road map, identify and build out a new customer experience, and translate the organizational vision into an actionable implementation strategy.


A New Direction and Cost Savings

We collaborated with the new Hufcor CEO and CMO to develop its commercial growth strategy. Blast! efficiently engaged global audiences, turning weeks of typical meetings into 7 hours of online collaboration. This dramatic time reduction yielded a $200,000+ opportunity cost savings for busy executives freed up from meetings.

KVC Health Systems

Top Leadership Change Management

With KVC Health Systems, a healthcare not-for-profit, we implemented a comprehensive strategic planning process for its new senior leadership team. To accelerate results, we incorporated online collaboration into in-person, all-management gathering.

MCT Transportaion

Multi-Location Online Collaboration

Brainzooming facilitated a series of online collaborations across this supply chain company's multiple B2B locations. Eliminating all participant travel, we developed its entire strategic plan online through the Blast! approach. Within the collaborations, we also identified the strategic platform to update its brand strategy.

MMC Corp

Corporate & Subsidiary Planning

We customized an integrated planning process and strategic plans for construction holding company MMC Corp and its largest subsidiaries across the United States. We combined an in-person collaboration to shape the corporate strategy and Blast! online collaborations to build office-specific plans.

Nature Explore

Nonprofit Growth Strategy

We formed a decade-long strategic relationship with this service- and product-oriented, early education nonprofit to improve its market position, strategic viability, and focus. Ongoing collaborations with Nature Explore include acquisition strategies, new product development, development workshops, and sustaining innovation.


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Innovation Strategy Case Studies

Brainzooming accelerates the pace and business impact of innovation for clients by operationalizing design thinking. We customize our Design – Engage – Launch innovation process to make breakthrough ideas actionable and create clear implementation paths for innovators across industries.

American Greetings

Consumer Products Exploration

For American Greetings, we designed and facilitated a travel-oriented creative workshop and innovation process. The goal was to take the product design team away from familiar surroundings and stimulate ideas and concepts, bringing breakthrough thinking to new product development.


B2B New Product Development

Engaging the Corbion sales team from their home locations via Blast! online collaboration, they explored customer needs, competitive positioning, and disruptive innovation. Then, at an in-person workshop, we led a broader team in identifying new product ideas to replenish the innovation pipeline.

Chicago Faucets

Experience-Based Product Innovation

Chicago Faucets engaged us to bring their marketing and engineering groups together for collaboration in new product development. We created an innovative stakeholder and customer experience framework to provide a completely new innovation lens.

Amsted Rail

B2B Product & Process Innovation

We partnered with Amsted Rail through a multi-dimensional, ongoing, collaborative innovation engagement spanning multiple countries and business lines. We've facilitated C-suite strategy retreats, led manufacturing innovation and quality improvement initiatives, and developed financial and technology road maps. 


Community-Inspired Futuring

In this engagement with Carbondale 4ABC, we collaborated with city and university audiences to identify critical needs for high-speed internet service, and ways it could align broader economic and public interests within Southern Illinois, driving innovation and economic development.

Farmers Insurance

Innovation-Building Workshop

Farmers Insurance invited us to design and facilitate an interactive workshop on disruptive innovation at its yearly conference. We led 200 marketers in 23 teams through learning new approaches and, using the Blast! collaboration tool, developing and pitching breakthrough product innovations—all in a single day's time.

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Brand Experience Case Studies

Developing a growth-oriented, integrated brand strategy isn’t merely a question of graphics or words. Brainzooming translates business strategy into a brand experience that resonates with audiences, improving your customer experience and opportunities for success.

American Century Investments

Regulated Market Content Strategy

For American Century Investments, we developed a content marketing strategy that would leverage expertise and community service, while addressing regulatory restrictions.


Market Positioning

Early-education nonprofit RAFT engaged us to produce strategic plans and a new integrated brand strategy that would elevate internal and external messaging alike.

Thermo King

Product & Communications

With Thermo King, the global leader in transport refrigeration and heating, we created a comprehensive, growth-oriented strategy for product marketing and communications.


Internal & Employer Brand

SMC3 engaged us to develop a strategy platform to provide each level of the LTL transportation data and technology organization with concrete ways to live out the brand, including vision and mission statements and brand behaviors for leadership, management, and employees.

Bayer Animal Health

B2B2C Content Marketing

For Bayer HealthCare, we produced a multi-partner social media strategy collaboration. Our goal was to bring together diverse internal and partner perspectives to shape an actionable strategy to innovate content-sharing flexibility within their regulated industry.

Literacy Kansas City

Customer Experience

Nonprofit organization Literacy KC engaged us to accelerate development of a completely new business model for taking its adult literacy training into high-traffic community locations.

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Professional Development Case Studies

No two organizations have the same needs. Audiences, expectations, and aspirations differ. That's why our customized approach combines proven Brainzooming content with innovative delivery methods to create optimum learning experiencesresulting in content that's as unique as it is effective.

HR Block

High-Performer Strategic Development

We developed and delivered a strategic thinking workshop with H&R Block to immerse its high-performing executives in a process for delivering stronger strategic recommendations to senior management.


Innovation Immersion

For the accounting firm BKD, we delivered a series of innovative workplace culture keynotes for its top clients in multiple offices. We also created and facilitated a workshop for its national marketing team to improve innovation and effectiveness.


Strategic Selling for B2B Sales

We trained the North American sales team for industrial supplier Panduit in integrating strategic conversations, benefit selling, and value-based offerings to combat new competitors.


Interactive Experiences

We partnered with RAFT, an early-childhood educational organization, to create an interactive task party where educators selected multiple mini-projects to produce, network, and celebrate their conference experiences.


Association Member Engagement

For two years running, the Curaçao Tourist Board hired us to conduct its annual content marketing conference. The event's objective is for the nation's leading travel partners to improve their properties' content marketing and social presences, ultimately leading to visitor growth for this beautiful island nation.

SMS Summit

Industry Conference Keynotes

We developed and delivered a series of highly-rated, interactive workshops and keynote presentations for Social Media Strategies Summit on social-first content marketing strategy, brand storytelling, and effective ways to run a solo social media program.

Creative Leadership Case Studies

You're looking for ways your team (or other important audiences) can quickly and effectively advance their creative thinking and leadership skills. What's the answer? Introducing proven Idea Magnets strategies for cultivating creative business leaders via an in-person or online workshop.

Johns Hopkins

Energizing a Client Experience Team

For the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, we customized a series of in-person and online Idea Magnets workshops. We taught executives and individual contributors how to use strategic and creative thinking tools for improving the way they lead, work, and create a transformational client experience.


Innovating User Experience Design

We developed and delivered a customer experience workshop for Cerner to turn the marketing team into energized Idea Magnets focused on generating new ideas and delivering an innovative experience for its healthcare clients.

Amsted Rail

Teaching DIY Innovation Exercises

For Amsted Rail’s yearly innovation summit, we created a multi-part, DIY innovation exercise for executives and innovation mentors. They were able to both practice and then later use the exercise at their own facilities to conduct Idea Magnet-based innovation workshops.

Le Saint Logistics

B2B Customer Learning Events

We collaborated with LeSaint Logistics to develop a new branded, annual customer event experience. The topics and exercises focused on sharing industry trends, developing collaborative learning, and strengthening long-term business relationships.


Technical Employee Creative Thinking

HP engaged us to present a webinar that would develop stronger creative thinking skills among the market insights team, to help them inject innovative strategies into customer market research techniques.

Industrial Heating Equipment Association

Knowledge Management Strategies

We created a workshop for the executive members of the Industrial Heating Equipment Association to develop knowledge-transfer strategies as Baby Boomer Idea Magnets retire and Millennial Idea Magnets take on growing leadership roles in the years ahead.