It can be easy for bloggers entering the holiday season to slack off on regularly publishing the company blog. Bloggers may neglect the schedule for publishing on the company blog because of the struggle with what to blog about to effectively cut through all the holiday-related messages. Blogging neglect can also come from seeing readership and other activity metrics on the company blog decline in previous years as customers turn attention to the holidays.

Rather than getting out of the blogging routine, go out of your way to deliver highly valuable content between now and early next year. When it comes to what to blog about, turn your blogging attention to publishing content that helps customers better prepare for the end of the current year and the start of the next.

10 Ideas for What to Blog About Now

For you bloggers, here are ten ideas for what to blog about in the coming weeks to deliver highly valuable and time-sensitive content for your customers:

  • Important end of year issues your customers need to address
  • Critical start of the year issues your customers need to address
  • Regulatory changes taking place within and around your industry that will have an impact on customers
  • Your organization’s perspective on market conditions in the coming year (perhaps based on input from talking with multiple customers)
  • Ways customers (and non-customers) in your market can maximize the value they get from products and services in your business category in the coming year
  • Background on new products and services you’ll introduce to address customer needs / demands in the coming year
  • Summarized updates on relevant market research you’ve conducted that would be beneficial for your customers to understand
  • Seasonal and year-end reflections from you or key people in your organization
  • An annual recap on what’s happened in your marketplace the past twelve months
  • Tips for hitting the ground running in January

That’s just a start on what to blog about for the turn of the year. You can definitely incorporate other specifics from your business to expand the list.

Make Your Year-End Blogging Evergreen

While the blog topics above are time-sensitive, you can write the blog posts to be more evergreen (i.e., extending their timeliness into the early weeks of next year, if not subsequent years).

Bloggers can make  company blog posts more evergreen by:

  • Referring to “this year” and “next year” instead of specific year numbers
  • Covering general principles and linking to more time-specific background sources
  • Prioritizing perennial advice/information and concentrating time-specific content in only certain blog posts
  • Refreshing blog posts early next year to switch out or update time-specific content

Keep Blogging in the Weeks Ahead

While daily blog readership may have lagged in previous years, you can use these ten ideas on what to blog about to keep great content coming for readers who are still reading now – and for those who will catch up with your valuable blog content in the first part of next year too! - Mike Brown


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