train-wreck-haysWhen it comes to figuring out what to blog about, blog post inspiration can come from a variety of places.

This weekend, I visited my home town, which was the site of a recent train wreck. Driving by the accident location with my mom, I stopped the car and snapped several photos of the remnants of train wreck location. As I told Mom, now I have the photos, and it's just a matter of writing the blog post about a train wreck of a project.

9 Places for Blog Post Inspiration

See, blog post inspiration can easily emerge from a photo. Here are eight other potential places where blog post inspiration can originate:

A Headline - If you have a pithy blog headline rolling around in your head, it can be screaming for a full blog post.

Tweets - Try out ideas for a potential blog via tweets with a specific hashtag to make it easy to collect and put them together.

Questions - Answer relevant questions you receive about what your organization does or a subject you regularly blog about.

A Business Introduction - Suppose there's someone you meet who is intriguing at a conference. Ask them if they have a blog post to share.

A Presentation - Write up your notes or live tweets from a presentation or other educational event.

A Book You've Read - Write a review, a reaction, or a counterpoint to a popular book's point of view.

A List - If you have an interesting list of steps, bests, worsts, or ideas, you're well on your way to a new blog post.

An Opening or Closing - Maybe you have a great introduction or close for a potential blog post. That killer line or paragraph may almost write itself into a blog post.

Those are nine places I consider for inspiration on what to blog about. If you blog, what places do your blog posts start from typically? - Mike Brown

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