Yesterday’s Brainzooming blog post was about 7 easy ways to get one or two more blog posts weekly by improving your social media productivity. Today’s post takes it one step further to answer a question that came up with Max Utsler’s Blogapalooza group last week: How do you keep yourself and your blog content fresh when you are blogging daily?

Blog-About-Today7 Keys to Keeping Your Blog Content Fresh when You Are Blogging Daily

With the limited time to answer during the class, here is a more in-depth answer on 7 things it takes to keep blogging daily:

1. Self-discipline

There has to be a reason your daily publishing deadline is meaningful and motivating. The answer will vary by blogger. For me, making a public commitment  years ago to blog daily has been the ongoing personal motivator to keep producing daily content.

2. Developing more blog topic ideas than you need

You always want to have choices when it comes to the blog you plan to publish. When you have multiple blog post possibilities, you can select the best option from among a few topics instead of being in the position of having to run the only blog you have close to being done.

3. Improving your communication skills all the time

If you're signing yourself up for daily blogging, you need to be getting better and faster at producing and publishing content all the time. If you stand still or go backward in the effectiveness and efficiency of your communication techniques, you’re doomed.

4. An audience that cares

Even if it's only a few people, you need to feel (or better yet, know) somebody will notice whether or not you publish a blog post on any given day. That’s why I so appreciate those of you who have reached out over the years to say you look forward to reading the Brainzooming blog daily. That’s huge information for any daily blogger you enjoy to know.

5. Flexibility in some way, shape, or form

If your publishing commitment is going to be unwavering, something else has to be able to waver in your life if need be. Making any type of daily commitment is about both discipline AND compromise. Make sure you know where you can compromise when you need to in order to sustain a daily blogging schedule.

6. Comfort with brevity and incompleteness

When you're producing daily content, you aren't going to want to write a novel or shoot a feature length video blog post every day. That means you have to be comfortable with and good at editing liberally, leaving things out, and revising and tweaking what you publish later.

7. Tools to make you better than you otherwise would be

There are many moving parts behind a blog. It’s not just writing or shooting a video. It also involves editing, making SEO adjustments, creating graphics, scheduling posts, and social sharing, to name a few activities you'll be doing. Tools that are both effective and work well with your style are vital to blogging. daily.

That’s my formula for keeping blog content fresh when blogging daily

I hope you agree our content here is fresh! And if you’re doing a daily blog, what is your formula for doing it successfully?  - Mike Brown

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