Don’t you hate when a blog promises one thing and then offers something completely different? It sucks, if you ask me.

Five Blogging Bait and Switch Moves I Hate

1. A blog title asks a question, implying the question will be answered, then the post really says the question is the wrong one or completely irrelevant.

2. A blog title says there will be a certain number of items in a list, then the post either doesn’t include a list or it’s not easy to visually scan.

3. A blog title is very long, then the post is comprised of the title plus 3 additional words.

4. A blog title sounds as if the post will provide very helpful information, then the post is a personal reflection with no information a reader can directly act upon.

5. A blog title is enticing but vague, then the post is even vaguer than the title.

Careful There

As a blogger, I’m opening myself up to you all saying, “Hey, you do those blogging bait and switch moves too!” If you think I have done any of these, keep me honest and let me know.

So what blogging bait and switch moves do you think suck  that you would add to this list? - Mike Brown


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