Wherever you are in the strategic planning cycle, you may discover the need for a new or updated direction for your organization.

How can you effectively employ visioning exercises in strategic planning that invite your entire organization to contribute their perspectives?

That is where visioning exercises that employ a collaborative approach come into play. With the right techniques, you can invite and excite your team members to become active parts of your organization’s vision, mission, and core purpose statements.

In the new Brainzooming eBook, “Big Strategy Statements – A Collaborative Way to Shape Your Organization’s Strategic Direction,” we will show you visioning exercises for strategic planning that you can use to:

  • Evaluate your current strategy statements (such as vision, mission, and core purpose statements)
  • Correct ones that are repairable to make them more specific and vibrant for your organization
  • Collaboratively develop new strategies that effectively guide your team today and into the future

“Big Strategy Statements” brings together strategic thinking exercises we’ve shared separately on our website, plus a never-before shared strategy evaluation assessment, to provide a one-stop of visioning exercises to effectively and efficiently tap your team’s innovative ideas. Using our proven methodology, you will be able to develop a vision, mission, or core purpose statement for your organization in a smart, strategic way.

Download Your FREE eBook! Big Strategy Statements - 3 Steps to Collaborative StrategyEmploying the approaches we share in “Big Strategy Statements” will lead to:

  • Broadly and collaboratively soliciting input from across all your audiences
  • Thoroughly exploring where you organization is and where it wants to go
  • Using simple, understandable, and straightforward language that sounds as if it comes from your organization

The benefit of using the ideas in “Big Strategy Statements” is that when you get your vision or mission statement right, your organization can use it on a daily basis to shape decisions, priorities, and approaches to what you do and how you do things.

Download “Big Strategy Statements” and get started evaluating, modifying, or reworking the big strategy statements guiding your organization.