Brainzooming readers ask questions (btw, we LOVE that about you!). One reader asked recently about stretching a senior executive team’s thinking during strategic planning. She is seeking strategic thinking exercises to include in her organization’s executive committee senior retreat.

She didn't specifically identify which executive perspectives she wanted to stretch. Yet, her question sent us exploring through Brainzooming Labs for suggestions to enliven their executive retreat.

12 Strategic Thinking Exercises to Stretch Executive Perspectives

Strategic Thinking Exercises to Stretch Thinking

Here are our suggestions for strategic thinking exercises to lead an executive team to consider its current situation and future opportunities in dramatically different ways. Consider these strategic thinking exercises if you need to stretch executive perspectives about:

Your Current Situation

  1. How strong or weak your current situation is: A New SWOT that Nobody Expects
  2. Simplifying a vision or mission statement: 4 Ways to Rework a Faulty Vision Statement


  1. Emerging and/or disruptive competitors: 15 Ways Disruptive Competitors Aren’t Like Your Organization
  2. Competing in new ways: 12 Permissions to Disrupt New Markets

The Future

  1. Addressing the future: 4 Ways to Envision Strategy for the Future
  2. Assumptions about potential vulnerabilities in your processes and markets: Black Swan Events Up Ahead


  1. What innovation and disruption mean to them personally: 22 Ice Breaker Questions on Disruptive Innovation
  2. Other industries and situations to look for innovative ideas: Strategy Planning with What’s It Like
  3. How the brand can innovate delivering new benefits: A Simple Way to Identify Brand Benefits

Organizational Transformation

  1. Celebrating risk taking: 4 Ways to Celebrate Risk Taking
  2. Transforming the organization: 5 Ways to Reimagine Your Organization
  3. Disrupting tired, old thinking: 13 Exercises to Imagine Disrupting Your Brand

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