Most futile words you can ever utter over the phone while standing in an airport security line: "Delete those tweets." Seriously . . . Best line ever delivered before a hang up on a phone conversation taking place in an airport security line: "I've been up since 5 a.m., dude. Deal with it." . . . Both of these were delivered by the same guy . . . I was reported to TSA for suspicious activity in the security line. I wasn't completely apoplectically pissed off about traveling. THAT is suspicious . . . It's rare you get a fun person next to you in the TSA line. I had one next to me the other day, and I went over to him after we both got through to shake his hand and thank him for having some fun while we were standing in line . . . By the way, I'm not sure why Omaha, NE has security lines that would rival Midway airport. Can anyone explain that to me?


It's fascinating how you can make seven decisions all intended to save travel dollars, but in total, they wind up costing you more than if you had made a few more expensive decisions along the way . . . Big thanks to my neighbor for going on a road trip with me for the sole purpose of driving my workshop supplies to Nebraska since I'd be flying to Nebraska (and couldn't take them along) two days later. It made a potentially wasted afternoon so fun . . . Even if everything else is okay, getting to your hotel room at 1:15 a.m. is a clear sign of bad planning . . . And btw, bad planning for your connecting flights used to be a $50 deal. Now it's like a $500 deal and not worth the trouble of making a change . . . Does anyone else suspect the percent of people in airports with bad tattoos HAS to be higher than in the general population?

At a dinner the other night, we had to go around the table in a crowded restaurant and share our stories. While a quiet, mild-mannered man from California at the other end of the table told his story, I leaned over to the person next to me and said, "I think he said he shot a man in Reno once, just to watch him die." She said I was deranged . . . The difference between driving from St. Louis to Carbondale, IL at 55 mph vs. 80ish mph is night and day . . . I handed out orange TicTacs claiming they were creativity pills, and they seemed to work to make people more creative. Go figure!


Lesson learned during this recent trip: When you're doing a media event, look at the cameras. Ignore the people, and look at the cameras. I've got that for next time . . . At the start of a Brainzooming workshop the other day, the video person (a woman) and I spent about 90 seconds unbuttoning and buttoning my shirt and playing around with my pockets trying to get two microphones placed on me. In a moment of exasperation, I told the audience, "That's the first time a women was undressing me that really wasn't that exciting."

It's amazing (let me repeat...AMAZING) when you can get together with a college friend you haven't seen in decades and have a dinner conversation that is a pure delight. AND you want to continue the conversation later . . . And how crazy is it when you see a teacher you had for one week in grad school completely by chance and recognize him decades later? THAT is a blog post all on its own . . . Self-talk: That wasn't me. No matter what you might think, that wasn't me. I promise . . . You hear more bragging and unbelievable stories on a Southwest flight on Thursday night than Monday morning. Do you think THAT many people had THAT good of a week? Yeah, me neither.  Mike Brown

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