"This week was the weirdest week in my life." As I was "travel blogging" those words on the plane ride back from Boston, the week wasn't even over yet . . . On the upside, always try to be the "bright spot of the day" for everyone you encounter . . . I can't say it often enough: If you are willing to "listen," God will put you exactly where you need to be . . . Some organizations make decisions based on deciding. Others make them based on no one disagreeing. That's a huge difference . . . I think "Adorable as it is infuriating" (via Emma Alvarez Gibson) could be the definition for smooth jazz . . . You put the bits and pieces together, somebody packages them with a wallop, and you have no idea what hit you.


The Week in Baseball

When your local team is in the post-season, you want your flight crew to be from your home city. That way, you get score updates during the flight . . . Royals Hall of Famer Frank White was on my plane to Boston. What an incredible hero he is for Kansas City . . . Joe Maddon is out, and Ned Yost is in the World Series again. They are both smart managers, so let's get past the Ned Yost doesn't know how to manage and Joe Maddon is a genius crap.

Travel Blogging in Boston


On a long flight, there always seems to be one flight attendant that stops doing the job and just hangs out talking to a person (or people) in a specific row . . . It's one thing to have the need for speed. It's quite another to have the need to pee . . . A recommendation for when you're in Boston? The Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge. It's as pricey as everything else, but the room actually had space to walk around in it . . . There is nothing like a Boston accent . . . There's a reason I don't like to dine alone. One reason is you get the worst seats (as I share a table with a couple where I'm at the end of the table in the dark) . . . If you have to cook your own dinner at the table, you should get a hefty deal on the price, don't you think?

In the Projects

Don't make a big effort to do something only to turn around and ignore it . . . It's so easy to piss away two weeks in about 30 seconds through inflexibility, lack of information, and an insistence on everyone participating all the time . . .  It's important to have a way to put the screws to someone, just in case that's what is needed . . . A friend who is perceptive, honest, and willing to challenge you when you need challenging is such a blessing to have. Even if having one can be scary and shake you to your core . . . That smell is coming from someone else. I'm not sure who it is, but it's definitely not coming from me . . . It's not until you get what you thought you wanted that you realize you were a LOT better off before, but simply didn't realize it.

Lesson for the week: You can be oblivious for only so long, so grab a clue and get on with life! – Mike Brown

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