Looking for a quick way to generate tons of innovative ideas?

If you need a lot of innovative ideas in a hurry, here's a mega-simple way of generating them: Select the objective, opportunity, or challenge you are trying to address. Get a magazine with lots of big headlines, great photos, and cool ads. It helps to have a Sharpie and little sticky notes, #OBVI. Flip through each page of the magazine asking, "What innovative ideas for my opportunity does this page suggest?" Write the ideas on the sticky notes and place them on the pages.

For me right now, Domino magazine is a particularly productive magazine for new ideas, as is apparent!

So, if you are on your own and need help to generate a lot of innovative ideas in a hurry, it’s a simple creative thinking formula:

A magazine with lots of pictures and headlines +

Sticky notes +

A pen +

A few minutes =

Scores of innovative ideas!

– Mike Brown

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