I had a blast appearing with crisis communications expert, Alex Greenwood, on his Mysterious Goings On podcast to discuss strategy, creativity, and innovation.

You may wonder how all those subjects fit together?

Well, it’s because Alex is a renaissance dude who is interested in and sees how all these varied topics fit together.

Put another way, he’s my kind of creative thinker!

Alex and Mike on the Queen Emma Bridge in Curaçao That time Alex and Mike visited the Queen Emma Bridge in Curaçao

Beyond taking a listen to the Mysterious Goings On podcast, here are links to a wide range of articles with a bit more detail on all the things Alex and I discussed.

There are a few of these links that we haven’t written about yet. That’s always the sign of a great podcast: the host prompts me to talk about things that I haven’t written about previously. Plus, Alex even got me to play and my So Cool cigar box guitar from MadSci Innovations! Enjoy this episode of Mysterious Goings On! – Mike Brown

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