Who You Are

You’d love help creating on-target, implementable strategies.

You want everyone on your team to learn how to be more innovative every day.

You know you’d benefit from a strategic sounding-board with perspectives that improve your success.

If you’re like many of our clients, you’re in a rapidly change business environment. That may be from intense growth, new marketplace dynamics, or the push to get better than you have been at a much faster rate. Personally, you have big expectations for transforming your organization. Not to worry–we deploy quickly and we aren’t thrown by all the curveballs you encounter on a regular basis. You can hire us for one large project, or multiple times to address smaller activities. And you’ll be glad to know that, unlike many consultants, we don’t move in with you. We come in, spend a day or two with you, and leave you to your work while we prepare the solutions you’re looking for.

You’ll find that from the minute we start working with you, we’re focused on the end results you want. Because our process is tailored to your needs, we can meet you exactly where you are. We’ve lived on both the client side and the provider side, so we’re at ease in both worlds. We’re a strategic ally, there to validate what’s strategic and smart, and challenge what our insights suggest isn’t right for you, either logically or strategically. We listen actively. We’re mentally engaging. And we’re fun.

Our first-time clients have never experienced anything like what we do. We know because they tell us. By the second time they hire us, they know what to expect. By the third, they’ve implemented our processes, and may even be using our name as a verb. (Seriously.)

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