Social-first content focuses on turning the traditional marketing communication model upside down.

Instead of starting with what your brand wants to say, then finding compelling ways to deliver the message, social-first content starts with the audience. Step one is to understand the audience’s full range of personal and professional interests. Then, based on information the audience is seeking, a brand identifies compelling ways to reach the audience via social media and other online means with content the audience wants. The brand’s actual presence within the content is the last decision; its presence can vary by message, timing, and communication channel. The key is that the brand never overshadows the social-first content message.

Social-First Content Provides a Powerful Brand Boost

Social-first content is getting quite a bit of outside attention recently.

Social Media Social Hour Podcast

First, I appeared on the Social Media Social Hour podcast hosted by Tyler Anderson. I met Tyler when we were both speaking at an earlier Social Media Strategies Summit. In the podcast, we discussed social-first content and its importance to unlocking a wealth of publishing opportunities for brands that their audiences will actually find valuable. You can listen to the FREE Social Media Social Hour podcast on the Casual Friday website. We welcome you to listen, and let us know where you stand on implementing a social-first content focus.

Hubspot User Group

Next, I’ll be speaking on Boosting Your Brand through Social-First Content at the Kansas City Hubspot User Group meeting. While the space is limited for the June 12th event, if you’re in the Kansas City area (or can get here), I’d love to have you join us!

PowerPost Podcast

Then, a few weeks later, I’ll be presenting a social-first content overview on the PowerPost podcast on June 28th. That appearance is both live, and will be available on-demand afterward. We just booked that appearance this week, so we’ll share registration information as the date approaches.

Boost Your Brand through Social-First Content

How is your brand performing on social-first content? If you would like to boost your brand’s performance, download our eBook on Social-First content. Also, contact us to learn how a Brainzooming workshop or custom strategy will effectively and productively take your brand from last to social-first in content marketing! – Mike Brown

Boost Your Brand's Social Media Strategy with Social-First Content!

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  • Understand more comprehensively what interests your audience
  • Find engaging topics your brand can credibly address via social-first content
  • Zero in on the right spots along the social sales continuum to weave your brand messages and offers into your content

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