Today was webinar day, as I covered the keys to creating social-first content to stop boring your audience in conjunction with PowerPost. Among the ideas we shared were:

  1. Getting past the management belief that your audience wants to hear about your brand
  2. Telling stories as if your online presence were the company campfire
  3. Developing stories with a three-part, social-first formula
  4. Speaking to specific individuals through your brand's stories
  5. Ensuring every piece of your online content delivers at least one of five vital benefits for your audience members
  6. Sharing stories for customers at all the places on potential customer journeys
  7. Involving customers in the stories your brand tells
  8. Finding the cool in your brand and bringing those aspects of your brand personality into social-first content

Listeners walked away with a wealth of actionable ideas to shape and improve how you develop and share stories that stop boring your audience. Download our Social-First Content ebook to get your hands on these same types of tools! - Mike Brown

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