1. Leaders build trust through doing what they say and displaying vulnerability, honesty, humility, ethics, etc.

2. Forgiveness is the greatest gift we can give in this world.

3. Don't go through life only looking for what else you need to fulfill you. See how what you already have can be more fulfilling.

4. A Peace Prayer: Lord, help me to understand what you want me to learn or change because of this challenging person in my life.

5. There is only a 1 letter difference between "fear" and "feat." Are you ready to change the "r" to a "t"?

6. Leaders don’t advocate people do something they have specifically decided against doing themselves.

7. Get minimally proficient in weaknesses opposite your biggest strengths. Doing so makes you more versatile since you can then play against your usual approach.

8. Don't mistake being an introvert for really having no emotional intelligence at all.

9. Growing to believe in something more strongly will mean there are some things that used to be okay that you can no longer support.

10. You weren't as good as you remember in your memories. You aren't as vulnerable as you think you are now. - Mike Brown

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