Some Monday quick thinking on  strategic thinking, implementation, and several other frequently touched upon topics on the Brainzooming blog:

Strategic Thinking- It's very difficult to ask yourself the tough questions. Reach out to someone who'll boldly ask them of you and make you answer them as well.

Implementation - Something to consider: When you know you're on the absolute path you're supposed to be on, you'll see other seemingly attractive options disappear. Let them go and keep moving..

Behavior - Lots of people look for someone to sanction their rudeness. If rudeness is your deal, you shouldn't need affirmation. But here's a request...get over yourself AND your online rudeness.

Success - What does success look like for you? Without anticipating how success will unfold, you may miss its landmarks.

Communication - Some basic advice: Don't point to something on your computer screen when you're presenting and expect the audience to "get" it.  – Mike Brown

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