1. The problem with beating yourself up is since you know all the best places to punch, it really hurts.

2. Minimizing a situation's risk can be simply a personal mental challenge. Change your point of view and the risk evaporates so you can take action.

3. Why is it we so often become what we have scorned before we were in the other person's shoes?

4. Respect your adversaries. Not everyone who disagrees with your ideas is an idiot.

5. Take the high road even when it feels as if you are the only one on that road...because you are not alone, even if no one is in sight.

6. You're you. They're them. You can't control THEM, so if you want to change the situation, you had better start changing YOU.

7. We aren't perfect. When we THINK we are perfect, we DO become perfectly wrong. So when a mistake or something wrong happens, ask, "How is this result better than what I had planned? What new ideas does this present?"

8. What if you applied the energy required for thinking up ideas for how to blame someone for your mistakes and just worked on solving what went wrong?

9. When you get better, you'll find, amazingly, that others get better.

10. Don't think you'll recognize the decisive when it happens. Tomorrow's decisive probably looks like today's happenstance. - Mike Brown

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