The most important strategic thinking question a brand can ask itself is, "What matters?"

The most important strategic thinking question an individual can ask himself or herself is also, "What matters?"

While it may be an easy or a difficult question to answer for you, it isn't the only question you have to address.

BStrategic Thinking Question - What Mattersecause after you articulate what matters, you'll need to translate your answer into actions – whether organizational or personal. When you KNOW and can SAY what matters, the answer should dramatically shape what actions you DO or DON'T DO from that point forward. Your answer should translate into clearly doing more of some things and less of other things because of what matters to you.

Maybe you can't figure out what matters all at once. Over time, though, if something really does matter to you, what you do (and what you don't do) should be in increasingly distinct and more in alignment all the time with what matters.

It’s all about a question prompting answers, and then turning into behaviors. That’s where you really prove out what matters and doesn’t. - Mike Brown



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