I've been thinking lately about differences between the words "innovation" and "innovative," not so much in the dictionary sense though. More about what the two words suggest to people - where they overlap and where they are different.

For me, innovation implies something process-oriented, structured, and clearly intent on creating something markedly new and different from what existed before.

Innovative seems like something more subtle; more of a perspective than an end result. It might be a strategy for adjusting a process or pre-existing entity to make it better or more efficient without being a revolutionary change.

As part of the ongoing tweaks (i.e., innovative modifications) to the Brainzooming blog and its contents, I'm curious about how you in the Brainzooming community think about and draw distinctions (if any) between these two words.

Let me know your perspectives and what angles on each of them are of greatest interest and value to you. - Mike Brown

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