Are You in Atlanta? Let's Meetup Wednesday, September 29!

If you're an Atlanta-based reader, let's get together Wednesday, September 29!

Atlanta is the birthplace of the innovation-oriented weekly Twitter chat #Innochat, and since I'll be in Atlanta next week chairing the AMA Marketing Research Conference, it seemed the perfect opportunity to get together with @StonePayton and @ToddSchnick who were there at the start of #Innochat.  Here's the online invitation for our get together Wednesday, September 29th at 5 p.m. at Yeah!Burger. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Living Life as an Experiment

If you haven't seen it, check out Peter Bergman's article from the Harvard Business Review website about living life as an experiment. The piece details his experience in returning something to a retail store and trying, through a passive approach, to see if he could get out of having the 20% restocking fee deducted from his refund. Sounds reasonable enough to me, but he got raked over the coals in the comments for being unethical! Wow, I don't get that. Anyway, the experience prompted a similarly engaging post on how to deal with surprise criticism, something we can probably all improve upon.

A New Creativity Trigger

Here's an online random word generator if it feels like randomness is what you need to get your creativity instigated in a hurry.

Custom Sharpie Markers

Turns out (probably not surprisingly) you can now order custom Sharpie markers with messages, fonts, and colors of your choosing. Since many of you know about my love for drawing with Sharpie markers, my first reaction was to get out my credit card and THEN click the link to see about ordering some. Much to my horror, orange isn't available as a color! So it's still a fun idea, but not nearly as fun as it could be if I could get some custom orange Brainzooming Sharpies!

Everything Seems New in the Morning

Morning is a glorious time to do things which seemed impossible (or too boring) to do the night before. Even with a too short night of sleep, the quiet and freshness of the morning so often prove to be just the creative instigator I need to be so much more productive.  – Mike Brown

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