Ever felt as if your main creative outlet just isn't working anymore?

I'm going through that with writing. I'm WAY off my creative thinking game when it comes to putting pen to paper and fingers to keyboard.

I have some ideas why this is the case, and have been trying to document the reasons my go-to creative outlet isn't working right now.

31 Excuses Why a Creative Outlet Isn't Working


Here are all the possibilities so far for why my creative thinking is weak, particularly when it comes to writing:

  1. Too tired and not enough sleep.
  2. I don't care about anything enough to write about it right now.
  3. Don't feel great.
  4. Haven't worked out in days.
  5. Everybody else has already thought of and created everything better than I would.
  6. I've created so much content recently I just don't have anything else left in the hopper.
  7. Too much jumping around mentally and working with too many topics, making it impossible to concentrate.
  8. Too stressed.
  9. Too comfortable.
  10. My technology isn't working which drives me crazy.
  11. I'm not traveling enough to stimulate my creativity.
  12. Too much time in the office on the weekends.
  13. The office isn't a creative place for me anymore.
  14. Too little time in the office during the week.
  15. Wasting too many potential creative hours driving in the car.
  16. I'm traveling too much and my creativity is zapped.
  17. Don't have time to go sit somewhere to people watch and write.
  18. All my creativity is going into client projects right now.
  19. Can't stop watching stuff about Prince dying.
  20. When I see how creative Prince was, I want to give up.
  21. There are big deliverables to finish and deadlines to meet, and until that happens, there's no mental energy to write.
  22. Even if I write something, I won't have time to promote it properly.
  23. Thinking about taking all the time to format, illustrate, and get a blog post ready to publish is killing my creativity.
  24. I know I should cut back on writing and this is what it feels like when my creativity is listening to that, but the rest of me isn't.
  25. Nobody said a word, not even my parents, when I skipped a few days blogging.
  26. Other parts of the business need more attention than they've been getting.
  27. I need help.
  28. Not learning enough new things in my daily interactions that provide new writing material.
  29. Too busy to get enough time for prayer and reflection.
  30. I'm suffering from creative apathy about nearly everything.
  31. If I could get this next [FILL IN THE BLANK] done, I'll be fine.

Wow, maybe my creativity is fine.

It looks like it might just be that all my creative thinking is going into my new main creative outlet: coming up with excuses.

Maybe THAT'S a blog post worth writing. – Mike Brown


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