At keynote presentations I do, one of the most frequently asked questions is, “What exactly does The Brainzooming Group do?” In the hope of inviting further conversations about how we can be of assistance to all of youin delivering results that are quick and on-strategy, today's Brainzooming post is the answer to this frequently asked question.

What The Brainzooming Group Does

While it can be challenging to classify what The Brainzooming Group does in a neat category, we describe it as helping smart organizations improve their success by rapidly expanding strategic options and creating innovative plans they can efficiently implement. What's that mean? We work with organizations who understand the value and importance of looking at their markets and customers in new ways, but struggle with how to do it. Often that's because they're almost "too smart" about what they do.

With organizational experience comes a strong understanding of customers and processes. Unfortunately, organizational experience can also create a sense that "everything workable has been tried, and there's nothing we haven't thought of previously."

That's when it gets dangerous for organizations.

We DON'T take the very typical consulting view, however, that the way around organizational resistance to change is ignoring what employees think and developing strategy largely outside the organization only to sell it back in afterward. 

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Where and How We Deliver Results

The Brainzooming Group uses our tested methodology, incorporating strategy, creativity, and insights-oriented tools, to deeply involve the organization, its people, and their knowledge to develop very implementable strategies.

Some of the typical engagements where we work with clients using our technique include:

  • Cutting through too much data to arrive at focused insights.
  • Identifying the best branding moves or account targets to drive growth and profits in your business.
  • Shortening the thinking time needed to prioritize ideas so you can begin implementing immediately.
  • Determining the best strategic options when your market is moving away from your business model.
  • Quickly creating the plan to get a stalled initiative moving.
  • Jumpstarting your strategic or creative thinking with loads of new possibilities in a 60-minute phone call.
  • Providing additional marketing horsepower when you have too many deliverables to deliver.
  • Unlocking how social media can really deliver on your business objectives.

We're adept at delivering results that are quick and on-strategy in these varied situations through techniques allowing individuals with varying perspectives to see the future and its possibilities in dramatically new ways. It's an intense process, but it's also intellectually stimulating and, in contrast to most strategy discussions, quick and fun!

Strategy Doesn’t Have to Be Drudgery - Really!

As we've discovered, people enjoy thinking strategically about their organization and customers when it's productive, efficient, and stretches the organization in positive ways.

That's the experience we've delivered hundreds of times for organizations across a wide variety of industries, including consumer packaged goods, business-to-business, professional service organizations, education, and not-for-profits. Sometimes our work is on a large scale (as with the nearly hundred participants for the Google Fiber in Kansas City brainstorming effort we created). In other cases, it might only involve a few executives.

We tailor the end product to the organization's needs, but it usually involves an understandable roadmap and detailed implementation plan to guide our client as it moves forward. Increasingly, we’re also involved in supporting the plan's implementation as well.

Let’s Discuss What Your Needs Are and See If We Can Help!

Thanks for letting me share what's tough to squeeze into a 15-second elevator speech!

If you'd like to ask questions, talk, or explore how we might be able to aid your organization in your planning and strategy efforts, we’d be honored to learn more about the opportunities and challenges you're facing.

Give us a call at 816-509-5320 or email at to explore how we can get your organization’s brains (and results) zooming! – Mike Brown


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