When I’m asked what Brainzooming does, it’s always challenging to answer.

The Long Answer - Strategy, Creativity, and Innovation

The reason is that working from the incredible resource of strategic thinking exercises, creative thinking tools, and collaborative models The Brainzooming Group has created, what Brainzooming does can vary dramatically for each client engagement.

Given the client’s needs, we might look like strategists, community engagement specialists, innovation facilitators, creative thinking trainers, content creators, professional coaches, inspiring speakers, content marketing planners, or something entirely different.

That’s why it’s tough to give a short answer to the question.


A Short Answer

When asked how he tracks down fly balls hit miles from him, steals bases, forces defensive errors, goes for extra bases, hits inside the park home runs, and tags up to score on fly balls that would keep almost every runner glued to third base, Kansas City Royals Outfielder Jarrod Dyson’s answer is, “That’s what speed do.”

Putting the Two Together - That's What Brainzooming Do

Since Jarrod Dyson can condense all the ways he uses speed into a few words, here’s a combination of a short and slightly longer answer about what Brainzooming does, with thanks to Jarrod for the inspiration!


The Brainzooming Group would LOVE to do these things for your organization!

Strategy, creativity, innovation, or some combination - or something slightly different.  Which one or which combination is what your organization needs?

Email us at info@brainzooming.com or call at 816-509-5320, and let’s work together. You’ll find out first-hand, that’s what Brainzooming do! – Mike Brown

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