Opening a Can of Creative Thinking Worms

What's the opposite of "opening up a can of worms"? Fishing? Closing the can of worms? Picking the best worms and doing something really incredible with them? Finishing what you start? I don't know the right answer, but it seems like with a little creative thinking we should be able to figure it out . . . Social media is celebrated as a young person's game, which maybe it is. Or maybe it isn't . . . There's more value to having patience on your side than having time on your side, even if it doesn't seem like it right now.


Even if no one else cares, it's wonderful to have a cat who cares about purring for you enthusiastically . . . If you are struggling for content ideas, write out a list of the untold stories in your life. There will be incredible content ideas in that list, guaranteed . . . When you meet someone entirely new who starts sharing the same points of view you have completely unprompted, you have to take notice and figure out how you should be working together . . . If you need a laugh today, watch "Word Crimes" from Weird Al Yankovic. It's hilarious on the surface, and even better for some of the very subtle shots it takes at other performers.

It's a sad statement about the times in which we live when dumb gets more attention than sensible. Social media isn't completely to blame, bsocial media has allowed dumb stuff to be broadcast 24/7 . . . There's great value in learning when you can and SHOULD simply "wing it" . . . If bizarre situations and people were really as common place and important as the media (including social media) would have you believe, the media wouldn't be covering them . . . Even though I hear some people using them interchangeably, there's a difference between "collaboration" and "corroboration."


Might as well jump, but into what? . . . Going to bed with loud rain and thunder is like getting a recording filled with storm sounds completely free . . . I go through the same stages of anxiety in creating every new presentation or workshop. Still haven't found the formula to break that creative pattern, but I'm working on it . . . We used to eat at restaurants with paper table coverings, and I'd show up with a Sharpie marker (and maybe even crayons) to illustrate our dinner. Somewhere along the line that stopped, and I miss that creative pursuit. That needs to change and soon! - Mike Brown

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