We're smack dab in the midst of the work week, and some of you (and by "some of you" I mean "me) may have even lost track of what day it is. That's not good! So how about a creativity boost to get you back on your creative feet today! Here are 14 ideas for a creativity boost from a variety of different perspectives. These ideas will help whether you have a creative block or just need "permission" to boost your creativity in new directions today - or any day!

Photo by: nailiaschwarz | Source: photocase.com

  • Other people will simply see things differently than you. It is hard to beat the creative boost of letting others react to things in ways you would never think of by yourself.
  • Seek out those on the fringes of the areas in which you are interested. Also, seek out individuals on the fringe of areas that hold little interest for you.
  • Get somebody to dare you to complete something creative in only 10 minutes.
  • Agree to present a topic slightly outside your area of expertise as a great way to force new creativity and learning.
  • If you feel like your new creative idea is a fire hydrant and your supposed teammate is a dog, seriously think about finding a new creative team.
  • Sometimes, it is a lot easier creatively to start from scratch than trying to re-edit or re-format something old to fit in a new situation.
  • Do you really KNOW your way around "where you live"? Take the tour visitors take & see what new things you learn.
  • People often have different personal definitions for abstract concepts. Turn your definition into an image so it is easier to compare your definition with another person's understanding of it.
  • If you need a creativity boost, maybe you are exhausted. Make time to get TOO MUCH sleep tonight.
  • Someone with Expertise + A Fresh Perspective from Someone Else + An Open Conversation = Definite Revelations
  • Conscious Immersion + Purposeful Repetition + Keen Observation = Startling New Insights
  • When planning a project, aim for as few "moving parts" as possible. Doing so really helps drive simplicity and boost creativity in your implementation.
  • If a new, blatantly good creative idea you had not thought of before surfaces, even one instance of it could be enough to make a creative change to what you are doing right now.
  • In new situations requiring creativity, do not start with why "I can't," "It won't," or "They'll never." It simply drains the energy and creativity boost you will need to actually accomplish something!
If you need a creativity boost today or any time during the work week, try one of these ideas and see how it can creatively freshen up your creative challenges. -  Mike Brown

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