There's the old saying that a picture is worth a 1,000 words. Today's post is mainly pictures of creativity and very few words.

Kids Creativity for Adults

The lower age limit is for sanity and safety. The upper age limit is for inviting adults to rekindle the spirit of kids creativity they might have left behind long ago.

Creative Mistakes

Very few creative decisions you have to make are this big of a deal. Thank goodness. So go out and make creative mistakes and don't worry about it.

Creative Expectations and Inspiration

I'm all for creative inspiration, but placing a huge creative expectation on the outside of a book with hundreds of blank pages to fill shuts off any creative inspiration I might have. If you make a mistake creating yourself in this book, it does seem like it could kill you.

Well Done Guerrilla Marketing

This is a prime USDA example of outstanding guerrilla marketing. If you have a company vehicle, how about making it reinforce your brand promise?

Creative Company Cars

Speaking of a company vehicle, how about this van as the new company vehicle for The Brainzooming Group?

The Creative Week Ahead

Hope you enjoyed today's pictures of creativity blog post.

This week, I'll be trying to keep as many ducks in a row as possible. It will take lots of paddling!

Mike Brown


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