We've been discussing creative job titles around here.  And by creative job titles, I'm talking about job titles that:

  • Are descriptive
  • Stand out
  • Aren't so trendy or cutesy they are embarrassing

When starting The Brainzooming Group, creating job titles wasn't a priority. That being said, I've always thought the word "catalyst" (something which prompts or hastens an important event without being caught up in the event) perfectly describes what The Brainzooming Group does. I acknowledge though, you may have to know too much about chemistry for "catalyst" to work. As a result, my business card still has no title on it.

As we're growing and making additions you'll learn about soon, titles have been a topic. When we work on coming up with creative job titles, here are some of the creativity- instigating questions we'll be asking ourselves to generate new ideas:

  • What words describe the cool outcomes of our work or the experience of working with us?
  • What other jobs are like this? What words are used to describe those professions which could result in a cool job title?
  • If this job required super powers, what would they be?
  • What words would you use to describe this job if you were trying to impress your mom, a spouse / girlfriend / boyfriend, or someone who would hire you for your next job?
  • What words would add emotional impact to the title?
  • What worlds describe HOW the person will do the job?
  • What words would be more exciting, powerful, fun, surprising, or memorable?

In case you're looking to come up with creative job titles, give these questions a go. We'll let you know what creative job titles they yield for us when we get something dreamed up! – Mike Brown

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