Among the most popular Brainzooming blog posts are those with creative thinking questions for creating cool product names for a new product idea. The questions also typically work for any naming task you have.

To expand the range of creativity tools we offer at Brainzooming, here is a creative naming mini-poster. You can click, copy, and print this mini-poster so whenever you're on the hook for creating cool product names, you have a creative, quick tool at your fingertips.

Creative Naming Mini-Poster for Creating Cool Product Names


 Creative Thinking Tips for Using the Cool Product Names Mini-Poster

  • On the first pass, go for quantity over quality - the more ideas for possible product names naming the better.
  • There's value in looking at definitions, synonyms, and antonyms as potential answers or contra-answers to the creative thinking question you are using.
  • Spend time with each creative thinking question, pushing it for as many ideas as you can before moving to the next creative thinking question.
  • Don't rush to judgment. If you can afford the time, take a day or two before you start trying to prioritize and narrow your list of potentially cool product names.
  • There may be great value in continuing to vary and transform your initial ideas to generate even more potential cool product names.

The final tip is to reach out to Brainzooming to take advantage of all the other tools and creative thinking exercises we use with our clients for product name assignments and other strategic and creative challenges. Because while we share a lot of creative thinking tools here on the Brainzooming blog, there are ALWAYS other tools and tricks up our sleeves! – Mike Brown


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