It’s easy, particularly after a significant passage of time, to not even realize what’s going on around you. When you are so deeply immersed in an environment that you lose any comparative reference, one thing becomes imperative. You need an outside perspective to help you fully understand your reality and possibilities.

Scary Pumpkin

This lesson has re-surfaced multiple times recently.

It appeared most poignantly at a client meeting. The client, a nonprofit organization, is heavily involved in improving the well-being of young people. At the meeting, its leaders provided updates in advance of discussing implementation for the strategic plan that Brainzooming facilitated for them.

One leader discussed introducing a new educational program for youth about human trafficking. He shared that, during the educational program, some young people realized for the first time that they were actively being trafficked.

Think about that: young people being trafficked didn’t realize it was happening because it became such a familiar part of their lives.

It’s not as far-fetched as it sounds.

It’s possible to be in a damaging personal situation without even knowing it. The same can be true in business. In situations like this, an outsider’s fresh eyes can identify and reveal realities that you never could have imagined after being mired in a destructive situation over time.

The challenge to overcome? You don’t know what you don’t know unless you take steps to freshen your perspective.

While you can freshen your own eyes, it’s vital to regularly invite people with outside perspectives into your world. Allow them to freely and without censorship share their perspectives on what’s happening to you and around you. Taking this step can mean tremendous discomfort. It can also be humbling and infuriating. When you do it, though, you’ll gain new insights. You might also save your life—whether that’s personally, professionally, or organizationally. 

Figure out who you need to invite into your world, then start learning what you’ll never figure out on your own. Mike Brown

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