Unless I slip and say it by accident, you won’t hear “think outside the box” from my mouth when The Brainzooming Group is leading a brainstorming session. While “think outside the box” is thrown around all the time to give people the permission (or suggestion or encouragement or threat – you get the picture) to not think about things as they always have, it lacks a lot for creating brainstorming success!

“Think outside the box” is vague and unfocused.

“Think outside the box” is an exhortation without instruction or coaching.

Ultimately, who even knows what the box is or isn’t.

Instead of Saying "Think Outside the Box," Do This!

Instead of a relatively useless slogan, here’s a suggestion for strong creative, brainstorming session-type thinking you can do all the time:

3 Bullets vs. 4 Words

Granted, those three bullets don’t fit into a tight four-word admonition perfect for being repeated ad nauseam by people who don’t really have a clue about brainstorming success in the first place.

But if you want a steady flow of new thinking to enrich your life and work, as well as the lives and careers of those you come in contact with, what’s in those three brainstorming bullets will do a lot more for you than simply SAYING “think outside the box” over and over ever will.  - Mike Brown


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