Designing a strategy planning session, a client expressed frustration that the leadership team never challenged itself with big enough strategic thinking for the organization's future.  

As a result, we incorporated a set of extreme creativity questions into the strategic planning session.


These strategic thinking questions are designed to drive bigger, bolder creative ideas. They provide, in effect, a detour around conventional thinking.

In this instance, faced with a different type of question to answer, the leadership team members didn't miss a beat and started delivering the unusually challenging ideas they had never articulated previously.

The difference was simply having the leadership team answer new types of questions than it had previously. The group was very open to responding to the strategic thinking questions we posed and could respond appropriately to questions intended to drive bolder ideas.

Asking a Different Type of Question to Drive New Strategic Thinking

It’s clear that the intent behind the questions you ask makes a huge difference in the strategic thinking a group does. Depending on what type of thinking you need from your team, consider these sets of questions.

Remember – if you’re not getting the right types of answers, it could likely be it’s because you aren’t asking the types of strategic thinking questions you really need. – Mike Brown

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