We say it so often, particularly during brand strategy workshops: a brand is more than a logo, a color, and a look. A brand encompasses the people, products, services, messages, promises, and reinforcing cues that create a complete customer experience strategy.

Against that backdrop, a properly-crafted branding strategy should do a variety of things that most standard, garden-variety strategies don't have to do.

4 Customer Experience Strategy Questions Strong Branding Addresses

To determine whether your branding strategy is working properly and as hard for your brand as it should to shape your customer experience strategy, it’s a good idea to review it both in writing and in practice.

Your brand strategy should help your employees know:

These four considerations give you a quick way to figure out how your brand strategy stacks up.

What did you discover? Is it working hard enough to shape your customer experience strategy?

If not, contact us, and let's talk about efficient ways to develop the ideas and modifications to strengthen your branding strategy and the experience you deliver to your customers every day. – Mike Brown

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