Is your business-to-business brand looking for new product ideas, stronger innovation strategy opportunities, and a bigger impact?

If so, look for ways to shape the customer experience of your product’s end users.

That doesn't mean the intermediaries your organization may view as its customers: the distributors, wholesalers, or others that sell or bundle your product. Look to the customer experience as delivered to actual organizations and/or individuals that are USING your product on a daily basis.

What do you know about the people who are touching, interacting with, and determining whether your product makes their days better or worse? (Or perhaps your product is so seamless or invisible that it doesn't even register with them.)

You know those people are out there, but how much time do you devote to thinking about the impact your product has on them?

If it's slim to none, it’s time to dramatically increase the amount of consideration you give to end users - right away!

We took that approach when developing an innovation strategy workshop for a B2B manufacturer. While the organization has extensive insights into its intermediaries, we oriented many of the innovation strategy exercises toward the ways the people using their product experience (or don't) what the company manufactures. One participant noted at the end of the workshop that focusing on the experience was new and valuable for them when it came to identifying new opportunities.

If you're in the same situation, look to the individuals that are the last ones to interact with your product. How can you orient your innovation strategy to the experiences THEY have? – Mike Brown

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