This is the last of three articles featuring ideas to help you conquer your most significant strategic planning challenge. The lists for all three articles come from Brainzooming readers around the globe report. The first article addressed cultivating strategic thinking, building buy-in and alignment, working toward successful implementation results, facilitating strategy development, and engaging participants in strategic planning. The second article covered other strategic planning challenges, including strategic change management, developing an innovation strategy, building a revenue & profit growth strategy, making strategic planning fun, and creating executive engagement.

This article tackles the final five strategic planning opportunities and challenges. For each strategic planning challenge, we’ve included four Brainzooming article links to help improve your approach for upcoming strategic planning activities.

What's Your Strategic Planning Challenge? 5 Common Ones

Strategic Planning Challenge

Creating a Vision Statement

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Anticipating Market & Industry Change

Finding Time for Strategy

Focusing on Priorities

Leading Culture Change

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