The search term “strategic visioning exercises” is consistently near the top for what brings people to the Brainzooming website. Given that, we compiled this list that brings together a variety of our top resources in one place.

Strategic Visioning Exercises from Brainzooming

While it’s easy to knock vision statements (including core purpose and mission statements) as so much useless corporate jargon and gobbledygook, we’re firm believers in them – when they are done well.

And by done well, we mean that the vision statement:

  • Is developed broadly and collaboratively
  • Emerges from a thorough exploration of where the organization is and where it wants to go
  • Uses language that is simple, understandable and sounds as if it comes from the organization

These fourteen articles recap our thinking and recommendations across these three areas.


Collaborating on a Vision Statement

Strategic Visioning Exercises to Create a Vision Statement

Checking Vision Statement Clarity and Impact

Many organizations struggle with the idea of collaboratively developing an overarching vision and vision statement.

If your organization falls in that category, contact The Brainzooming Group and let’s discuss how we can help you move through these and other strategic visioning exercises to create a vision and approach to move forward! – Mike Brown

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