If you’re struggling with what to blog about and it is standing in the way of writing more blog posts, here’s an important blogging tip to find more blog topic ideas:

Grab WHATEVER blog topic you have – the more challenging the better – and just start writing about it because writing a blog post will help you come up with more ideas for what to blog about!

3 Reasons Blogging Generates Ideas for What to Blog About

Skeptical that getting started blogging will help you figure out even more ideas for what to blog about? Here are three reasons it works:

1. Hunting for links to other blog posts related to your current post will uncover topics you’ve never blogged about previously.

It never fails: the more I stretch the blog topics I cover, the more I discover absolutely essential topics I somehow have never written about previously. When starting a blog post on personal branding recently, I discovered there wasn’t a good link on the Brainzooming blog for “core purpose statements.” The topic had been mentioned, but there was no content on how to actually develop personal core purpose statements. Ta dah! A new idea for what to blog about!

2. Working on blog topic ideas triggers other blog topic ideas.

As with so many things in life, it’s easier to get more of something when you are least looking for it. That’s the idea behind the best time to get a new job is when you already have a job. The same holds true with blogging. Amid the creativity of trying to write on a particular topic, your brain will get zooming and trip across more topics to write about in the future. A recent post on making a career change made me think about exit interviews, which turned into the next day’s post.

3. Making a commitment to blogging keeps you thinking about what to blog about all the time.

When you step up to a regular blogging commitment, you always have a next deadline in front of you. It may be tomorrow, two days from now, or next week. And when you refuse to let a blogging deadline slip, you are always on the lookout for what to blog about to make your next deadline. At all times, I have one or more notebooks filled with handwritten ideas and newspaper clippings, a variety of Word document files with posts in varying stages of completion, and far too many open web browser tabs with articles to inspire future blog posts. Knowing you have to write leads to seeing topics all over the place.

If you want more ideas for what to blog about, just get started blogging!

Mike Brown


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