Blog-ScrapIf you're blogging on a regular basis, it's likely you have accumulated plenty of blog scraps along the way.

Blog scraps are the stray ideas, sentences, paragraphs, or maybe nearly complete blog drafts that have not turned into published blog posts. It could be they aren't timely anymore, you've struggled to fashion them into full blogs, or you are suffering from creative apathy relative to the original topic. I can't even begin to tell you how many online pages and notebooks I have filled with partially written copy that is only seen when I revisit them looking for ideas on what to blog about when time is tight and there's a daily blogging deadline looming.

What to Blog About - 10 Things to Do with Your Blog Scraps

While these scraps may have seemed like good ideas for what to blog about at some point, that has not turned out to be the case. No matter the reasons  your blog scraps haven't been published though, the question is can you find SOMETHING to do with them?

Here are ten things to do with your blog scraps:

  1. Expand a blog scrap into a full blog post in a different direction than you originally intended to write it.
  2. Simplify the blog scrap to one central idea, making it more viable as a blog post.
  3. Compile a bunch of related scraps into a themed blog post.
  4. Compile a bunch of unrelated scraps into a potpourri blog post.
  5. Add your scrap to a related blog post you've already written to freshen it up.
  6. Find someone else's blog where your blog scrap works as a comment.
  7. Make your blog scrap into a short Google+, Facebook, or LinkedIn group post.
  8. Keep the scraps for use as fresh content in a white paper, eBook, or book.
  9. Take another shot at writing the original blog post for which the scrap was intended.
  10. Throw the blog scrap away (or delete it online) to free yourself of feeling guilty about trying to do something with it.

What do you do with your blog scraps?

When an idea you have for what to blog about doesn't turn into a fully fledged blog post initially, what do you do with it? Are there other ways you've found to take advantage of your preliminary work to get value from your initial writing, video, or audio efforts? Please share what works for you! - Mike Brown

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