One Google search that frequently lands people at the Brainzooming blog is, “What to blog about.” Not surprising given how much content we’ve published on what to blog about here. Plus there’s the social media-related work we do helping brands mine their knowledge, expertise, and experiences to match them to what audiences want to read about from them.

As I tell audiences when speaking on content and editorial strategies, I’m a big believer in the “George Costanza” blogging strategy, which is (to paraphrase a scene from Seinfeld) anything can provide the creative inspiration for a blog topic.

Brainzooming Creative Inspiration - What to Blog About

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To offer proof for the George Costanza blogging strategy and suggest more creative inspiration regarding what to blog about for your organization, here are the inspirations behind the thirty Brainzooming blog posts before this one. There are thirty posts and twenty-eight inspirations since two creative inspiration ideas generated two blog posts each.

If you’re stuck on what to blog about for your brand, take a look at the creative inspiration ideas listed here and see how they might apply to your own organization.

You can write a blog post because:

1. You notice something is like something else – kind of (Fuel Mileage Project Management)

2. A friend just had a birthday and you think about how they influenced you (Skepticism)

3. You see a behavior many people in your audience do that doesn’t help them, but they don’t realize it (Social Media humility)

4. You offer advice to a potential client that could benefit others (10 Permissions for Small Business Blogging)

5. There’s a solid business practice you recently used that’s been in your repertoire and working forever (Finding agreement in adversarial situations, also #20 - Level 5 decisions)

6. Someone suggests a topic to you (on Facebook) that could work for your blog (Over deliver or not)

7. You have written something for another purpose that can be edited into a blog post (7 quick decisions)

8. There’s an opportunity to explain and invite people into using a business approach that’s worked for your organization (2 line visual thinking)

9. You want to offer advice to someone and something you see on TV provides a way to turn it into a more broadly applicable topic (Personal brand consistency)

10. A news event can be summarized and learnings shared (London Olympics)

11. Someone asks you a question you’ve never been asked before (18 organizational culture cues)

12. You’re standing in line witnessing the good and bad of a brand experience (Legoland)

13. A client-related frustration can be explored in a non-threatening way (Too smart for strategic planning)

14. You’ve read an interesting article that can be summarized and presented in lesson format (Unusual creativity)

15. You have a bunch of little thoughts that can be grouped together (10 ideas for thinking and action)

16. There’s an opportunity to reorganize and recap what you’ve written before so it’s easier to use (188 creativity tips and #26 - 50 extreme creativity ideas)

17. Sharing a previous case study relating to current news is once again relevant (Sponsor bomb the Olympics)

18. A business situation isn’t working and you’re trying to make sense of it (5 signs someone doesn’t want help)

19. Someone sends you a snarky tweet, but you ignore the snark and look for the hidden question in it (Twitter audience growth benefits)

20. See number 5

21. You had an opportunity to participate in something others didn’t, and they’d benefit from learning about it (Google Fiber announcement)

22. You see potential clients doing things that don’t make sense – and that others do as well (Social Media Personality)

23. Someone makes a statement that sticks with you for a month because you’re still thinking about its implications (When everything is in the cloud)

24. You have something to promote (Gigabit City summit)

25. Someone expresses frustration with a situation they can largely change (8 signs a creative project is done)

26. See number 16

27. You’re voicing a frustration you think others may share (Misleading blog titles suck)

28. You’re facing a challenging situation and working it out in public (Are we this far apart?)

29. Someone is willing to guest post (Metrics and branding)

30. You have relevant pictures to share (Pictures of creativity)

What creative inspiration does this list trigger regarding what to blog about for your brand?

Mike Brown


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