Typing up the results from a planning session the other day, I found myself going to just about any length possible to thwart my own progress. A wandering mind plus having Twitter on in the background naturally translates to more time wasting. In this case, it led to this list of Top 10 Time Wasters.

I'm sure you'll recognize some of these. What time wasters do you wrestle with when you're working, but you're deadline seems very far off?

10. Lose stuff in your messy office, and then get really determined about taking time to find what you've lost.

9. Come up with a goofy #Top10TimeWasters Twitter hashtag and see if anyone plays along.

8. Spend time going through Gmail contacts to see if they're out of date.

7. Check Twitter after every 23 words you type on the report you need to get done.

6. See if the mail has come 2 hours early with the check you've been waiting for.

5. Create a new seasonal personal Twitter avatar.

4. Go to the fridge and eat more Famous Amos vanilla cookies.

3. Offer to answer questions for anybody on Twitter, including performing extensive research on questions in areas where you have no expertise.

2. Refuse to settle for only 9 #Top10TimeWasters.

1. Use a business card to clean out the lint and crumbs from your computer keyboard. – Mike Brown

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