Want to manage meetings and group business discussions more effectively?

One effective strategy is to put a time limit on meeting discussions and use a timer to stick to the allotted time.

We do this in collaborative Brainzooming™ sessions all the time. While participants usually make fun of the beeping kitchen timer, invariably by the end of a strategy session, they appreciate that our facilitation approach allowed us to stay on time and accomplish what we intended.

Often I'll hear, as I did in a recent instance, the management team we worked with suggesting it start using a timer in its own business conversations, even when Brainzooming isn't around.

Just one caution to employing this time limiting strategy successfully: the Brainzooming Method is built around techniques and exercises that are highly effective at rapidly generating and refining ideas from group discussions. So if a timer is bringing discussions to timely stop, but you're not getting as much as you need from the conversation, let us know. We can help you by Brainzooming through the time much more efficiently and effectively. - Mike Brown

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