When Cyndi signed me up to work out with a trainer in 2006, the first meeting included a diet inventory. This entailed listing everything typically eaten throughout the day along with other food and cooking preferences.

As the trainer reviewed the responses, there was apparently a problem with me eating homemade ice cream for breakfast every morning. I had done so for years because it was quick, tasted wonderful, and even I could prepare my own breakfast when all it amounted to was scooping ice cream.

The trainer commented sternly, however, "You can't eat ice cream for breakfast."

I was shocked that eating ice cream every morning was THAT big a deal (hey, it's dairy - which IS a food group). Yet having someone challenge me on it was a huge part of making me take a step back and change my behavior. I subsequently completely revamped my health practices, started eating the right things, cut food portions in half, and exercised regularly to lose more than 25 pounds.

Do you know someone who is going blissfully along, unaware he or she is doing something potentially damaging? If so, do the person a favor and challenge them on it. It could be a life-changing moment. - Mike Brown